The GRACE-FO mission is a dedicated gravity field mission. Since the satellites carry two fluxgate magnetometers each, these have been calibrated and characterized for pertubations. The standard deviation of geomagnetic quiet time residual with high-performance geomagnetic field model (CHAOS7) is below 10 nT.

WARNING: The Field-Aligned Currents (FAC) dataset (v0201) is invalid since June 4th, 2020 and will not be continued. FAC (v0202) will be available soon for the whole mission duration.

A detailed study has been published here:

Stolle, C., Michaelis, I., Xiong, C. et al. Observing Earth’s magnetic environment with the GRACE-FO mission. Earth Planets Space 73, 51 (2021).

The data has been published here: 

Michaelis, Ingo; Stolle, Claudia; Rother, Martin (2021): GRACE-FO calibrated and characterized magnetometer data. V. 0201. GFZ Data Services.

and is available at

 A new study using Machine Learning methods has been published here:

K. Styp-Rekowski, C. Stolle, I. Michaelis and O. Kao, "Calibration of the GRACE-FO Satellite Platform Magnetometers and Co-Estimation of Intrinsic Time Shift in Data," 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2021, pp. 5283-5290, doi: 10.1109/BigData52589.2021.9671977.


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