Access to the CHAMP Data Base

Access to the public part of the CHAMP data is available anonymous ftp. The ISDC ftp-server has the following address:

The CHAMP data base on this server has the following basic directory structure:

/Product Section/Level/Product/Year

Product Sections:

  • AI  = Atmosphere/Ionosophere
  • ME = Magnetic/Electric Field
  • OG = Orbit & Gravity Field related product
  • GPS = Data from the former CHAMP related highrate GPS ground station network (will be released here soon!)

For the sections AI, ME and OG all data products are stored in daily files, given as zip-, cdf- or tar-files









Dr. Christoph Förste

Section 1.2: Global Geomonitoring and Gravity Field Telegrafenberg

14473 Potsdam


Tel.: +49 331 288-1737

E-Mail: isdc-support (at)