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4-06-19 21:17:25 by Hans-Georg Scherneck TERN controller

Hi fellows, as you are probably aware, OSG models with serial noubers close to our own 054 at Onsala, Sweden, are equipped with two TERN micro-controllers, one in the DAC and one in the Remote unit of the GEP. They hav a backup battery with a nominal life time of ten years. The battery is soldered in by its fans.
Now, we've got to the point where we would like to be able to fall back on a stand-by TERN should the operation proceed badly and power-off time tick away towards the edge (He bath warming up, annealing point of the sphere narrowly ahead). It's been difficult to determine the type of TERN in order to purchase the extra unit from the supplier; it's not among those they offer as of current. Anyone having an OSG 049 to 059, if you happen to know the type and are willing to tell us, we wouldn't have to switch our unit off, which would be a welcome helping hand.
At the least, be aware that a battery going low might come with a bad surprise: the TERN will go to sleep.
Best regards and thanks in advance to the forthcoming pal
25-07-19 19:14:02 by Thomas Forbriger
TERN controller is specifically modified for SG

Hi Hans-Georg,
in a recent conversation Eric Brinton told me that GWR modifies TERN controllers to fit their needs in the SGs. Purchasing a board drom TERN Inc. leaves you with a device which cannot readily be used in the GEP3 or DAC3 electronics. The only way to purchase a replacement is through GWR.
Best regards