News related to GRACE-FO Gravity Data

This page is regularly updated and contains important news about GRACE-FO data products from the Science Data System (SDS) as well as useful hints how to use the most recent GRACE-FO RL04 Level-1 and RL06 Level-2 data. Additional information may also be taken from the GRACE-FO SDS Monthly Newsletters.

Further mission news are provided here.


May 2019:

  • The GRACE-FO Project Science Data System team is pleased to announce the release of the first GRACE-FO Level-1 (1A and 1B) data set. This first product release includes all Level-1 data necessary for the generation of Level-2 gravity field products. The data span the period from June 2018, initial power-up of the instruments during in orbit check out (IOC), through early May 2019, the most recent data available in the operational Phase E. Subsequent Level-1 products will be made available approximately every 7 days starting on May 30, 2019.
  • Please refer to Level-1 release notes and documentation ( for a detailed description of the data, file formats, updates, and conventions.
  • Corresponding Level-2 gravity field products will begin to be delivered in the following weeks, with the complete first mission year delivered by end of June 2019. Subsequent Level-2 products will be made available on a regular basis starting in July 2019.




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